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I’m just a crazy, unhinged disaster of a human being. .


i relate to this so much

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Courtney Love after sing ‘Doll Parts’. - 1995.

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- Anonyme

oh my god, I can’t believe you actually picked up on that story. Well done, anon. 

so he’s from Belfast, like I am. And basically, his dad was my mum’s gynaecologist when I was born and he had brought Jamie to the hospital that day. my mum claims that he was “handsome even at the age of 9”. 

so yeah. 

By Jeff Hahn, 2013

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Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)


Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

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"ahh yes a 2007 Pinot from…Napa Valley I believe? A very good year"


"ahh yes a 2007 Pinot from…Napa Valley I believe? A very good year"

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lafemmeadultere tagged me in the favorite selfies of twentyfourteen (thanks, dear! also, your selfies are absolutely delightful) and here they are. i post a lot of selfies to my myspace circa 2006 tag, but i also threw in three never-before-seen-on-tumblr photographs because why the fuck not, and also, i liked my outfit in that iphone mirror shot.

i lost access to my tumblr account back in march - forgot my password and couldn’t access an old email account - so the first photograph is something i had to send to tumblr staff to prove i was real.

(i did contemplate just posting my (self)medicated series, which are self-portraits i sketch in the early morning hours.)

aaaand i’m going to tag cedar-waxwing, oneindigecharlesthetrex, frombowtiestobakerstreet, riccicandephotography, and rachspace. rejoice and venerate your selfies/self-portraits! or not! whatever makes your heart sing.

what a sublime droid you are. 

"what are your favorite movies? and why?"
- Anonyme

I like a lot of movies so this is going to be a long and winding answer. 

Picnic At Hanging Rock - it is ridiculously dark and dreamy at the same time. It’s like being somewhere completely different.

Lost In Translation - it’s really well written and looks spectacular. I find it really comforting to watch when I feel lost in life. 

House of Yes - a film with Parker Posey needs no explanation.

Rosemary’s Baby - another one that’s twisted and dark. It’ll probably fuck you up a bit the first time you watch it. Both the music and Ruth Gordon are perfect. 

Frances HA - I challenge you to watch Greta Gerwig dance through Chinatown to David Bowie and not smile. Her performance is sublime and it’s just a really great tale of the struggle of self-definition. 

The First Wives Club - ridiculously hilarious. There’s not much that makes me laugh more. 

Honourable mention to: Chungking express, Clueless, Halloween, Jackie Brown, Ciao! Manhattan, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Before Sunrise and Cabaret.